a kampung girl in city

My ex used to tell me: “KL is not for you, you're too weak.”

KL, is a colorful city for colorful people.

For me, KL is in black and white, a city with no soul. May be I am not fashionable enough to fit in to this city or I am still is a Kampung Girl.

Marry my ex is used to on my menu, but we end up broke off. I will never be able to order this meal named ‘Marry him’ anymore.

He is a good man, honestly. Myself just not ‘good’ enough to match him perfectly, I am childish, I am not planning my future seriously…..bra-bra…

Yes, with a city without soul, I end up become a person with lost soul.

Until now, I still can hear what he says:

“KL is not for you, you're too weak.”