Monday, October 31, 2005


家附近来了一个Euro Fair, 里面的玩意儿的都是小时候的回忆。

那天和朋友去 “飞” 了一圈(只是一圈,因为要RM6 一圈,小时候的回忆真是越来越值钱了!) 。我通常只敢选择那种一个方向旋转式的玩意儿, 至于那种转到乱七八糟的圈圈,我是不敢挑战的。

今天再路过Euro Fair,看着那些闪闪发亮的霓虹灯泡泡,我今晚突然很想 “飞”。

想 “飞”去心中刀割的痛。。。。

想 “飞”去那在滴血的伤口。。。。

想 “飞”去牢牢捆在我记忆里的影子。。。。


Friday, October 14, 2005

I Heart KL

The last episode in season 4 of "Sex and the City" is my favorite. Sometimes when season change it brings up our other needs as well. Those needs are not same as your daily needs, that’s something special may be hidden at the bottom of your heart.

Have u ever have this experience, u remember somebody when you hear a song, watch a movie, when the sky rain…or even just a smell.

Aidan, is a good man and we really love to bring him home for mama. However, Carrie is not a married kind; they broke up at the end. I’m not a married kind too, that’s why I love mr. big. We ( I and Carrie) love Aidan too, but that’s our ( I n my ex) fate (separated).

In last episode, Mr. Big decided to move to California. He left a music CD (the big big old style black color CD ? classic of Henry Mancini ? the song is nice, so bad I don’t know the name…L ) for Carrie with a note “If you ever feel lonely--”. And for another note “If I ever feel lonely --” with a air ticket to California. No matter we can let go something or not, when a new season had begun, we always have no choice.

** but it’s comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. ** Carried Bradshaw, I heart NY

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