MNG = = Mango = = Man Go? = = Man Must Go??

When sales begin, who will be the most excited?
The answer is - Housewife and Women.

Housewife gets excited because they can “sapu” toilet paper, toothpaste………..
Woman gets excited because they can “sapu” clothe, shoe, handbag……….

I use to drop by MNG once in a while, especially during sales period. My target is not the discounted outfit but the customers.

I saw a lady was totally in “who am I” situation. She was keep throwing any items that she can found to her boy friend. Oh~~~ her boy friend was her shopping walking basket.

I also saw a lady was fully covered by MNG handbags and I noticed that was two bags from a same design in her arm.

I also, also saw two aunties sat on the floor and play “this is yours, this is mine……..”

Ok, finally………….. The winner goes to ………………… A boy!!!!

The boy paid RM822 for the bill (The lady stand beside him is so damn fashionable). He is tall, baby fat and brown color skin. A pair of black leather shoe was dusty and what is that???????? His pant was stick by some unidentified white color substance. Oh~ my! Is that bird’s dropping?