susu drum solo

I started my first belly dancing class today. Luckily there were only 2 students attending the class, a married Malay woman and me.

We begun with warm up steps, from head to toe. It was some really “Egyptian” and “Indian” moves. Then we follow on with our first lesson, we danced along with a deliciously named song - susu drum solo. ^_^ (haha… I like milk…… )

The teacher said drum solo doesn’t have much of traveling steps but is more concern on body moves like shoulder rolls, hip lift and hip drop…..

I felt so embarrassed because I can’t really dance well. Without the music was still fine, once the music is on I immediately turns into a noob. To be honest, I can’t control my waist and my butt properly. The music was driving me crazy and my butt shake so violently that I can see it dropping everywhere.

However, I still love belly dance very much, much more than my “gu zheng” class..:P

The dancing moves always seem to be drop dead sexy, beautiful and energetic.

“Free yourself mind, free your body!!”

Come on gals! Join me and awaken your body!

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