Sunday, May 28, 2006


I called mom on the phone after dinner tonight.

I told her I saw “something” in the office on last Monday. Most of my colleagues were knows about that “thing” also and one of our ex-colleague saw it before.

My office is 3 stories shop lot and mine table is at the ground floor. Total number of staffs is more than 30 but only 4 persons are sitting at ground floor. T_T so cham…..

If you have a very sensitive feeling, then you will feel that the temperature and environment at the ground floor is a bit cooler than 1st floor and the 2nd floor. Another thing is, I always had a goose bump when I walk into the store room.

That “thing” is only live at ground floor and he never goes to 1st or 2nd floor. I told mom about that “thing” which is a man in white shirt and I only be able to see half of his upper body. Mom told me that must be Datuk (Elders). She wants me prayed to the Datuk and don’t be afraid.

I also told her my health is getting weak and easily to catch a cold ever since I’ve started to work there. I also noticed most of my colleagues fall sick quite easily. Mom suggested me resign and look for a better job. But not yet! T_T I wanted to save some money for my year end travel plan.

I remembered mom told me not to go out too late in March but I still na?ve enough to go clubbing with friend on weekend. A month ago I went clubbing with a bunch of friends. While four of us standing at the main entrance and discussing about whether we should get a table by buying a bottle of wine, I saw a boy and a girl stand behind my friends dressed up like paper dolls (Chinese cultured paper dolls used for funeral). Yes, you are right! I saw them stand behind my friends. Actually I wanted to ask my friends why none any of them saw what I saw but I can’t tell them because the boy was starring at me. Luckily they walked away and disappear after few minutes. And then I got sick the day after.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


我想念你 但是我不告诉你
我想念你 想念你的声音 但是我不call 你

我要 把我对你的思念 一滴一滴的堆积
然后倒在浴缸里 痛痛快快的洗澡去

我要 让我对你的思念 一点一滴的渗透

Saturday, May 20, 2006

随想 2005


* * * * * * *

在我居住地方,有著名的TV3名嘴艺人,有本地著名的fashion designer,有朝九晚五的OL,有 AirAsia 和 MAS 空姐,有不用上班又漂亮到不得了的谜一样的女人,有女同性恋者,也有最普通的housewife。

我这个小人物就夹在这群人当中, 静悄悄的活着。

Monday, May 01, 2006

what the F@%$...........

自从来了KL 每次回到家乡,总是觉得自己变成了“客”。

而今天,我成了“主”,陪著是“客”的爸爸、妈妈和弟弟去 duta bus station


星期六晚上,我们还一起在客厅看“superstar”。昨天晚上,我还陪爸爸看“ Independent day”。妈妈还是老样子,一到 11 点就去梦“周公”。弟弟还是老样子,“臭酸”的衣服到处放。爸爸却有的“不一样”了,我惊问他为什么右眼角上有一道 3cm 长的伤口? 他说是 Penang Bridge Toll 的那支“上上下下”的铁打到的。

眼镜破了,motor 倒了(还漏油了),还被 Penang Bridge 的员工问:“uncle, you macam mana jalan?

Macam biasa jalan lah~ I bayar then itu tiang naik, i pun jalan. tetapi sampai ke depan, tiang turun balik dan kena I punya muka.

很“keng”的是,他们在早上上班的繁忙时间开放一条 car lane motor 骑士。不过却没有做好 testing 。我不懂的是,car lane sensor setting 是否适合用于motor?在没有得狡辩的情况下,Penang Bridge 公司赔了爸爸 rm100 rm30 给了医药费, rm70 拿去修motor rm100 原来rm100 对于Penang Bridge 公司来说,是可以买一只眼睛的。

what the F@$&...........!!!!

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